Selenium Testing With Java

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Introduction to Automation

1. What is automation testing
2. Advantages of Automation Testing
3. How to learn any automation tool
4. Types of Automation tools

Introduction to Selenium

1. What is Selenium
2. Use of Selenium
3. Features of selenium
4. Difference between Selenium and QTP

Selenium Components

1. Selenium IDEbr /> 2. Selenium RC
3. Selenium Grid
4. Selenium 3.0 – Web Driver

Selenium IDE

1. Selenium IDE Introduction
2. Downloading and Installing Selenium IDE
3. Recording and Running a Simple Test
4. Selenium IDE – Features
5. Installing Useful Tools for Writing Tests
6. Selenium Concepts
7. Selenium Commands
8. Verifying Page Elements – Assertions and Verifications
9. Wait Commands
10. Object Identification
11. Element Locators
12. Regular Expression patterns
13. Selenium Test Runner
14. Creating Selenium Test Suites
15. How to run the recorded script against other browsers
16. Why companies are not using recording tools
17. Limitations of Selenium IDE

Selenium RC

1.Selenium RC Overview
2. Starting and Stopping Selenium Server
3. Creating the generic scripts in selenium
4. Creating the scripts by using functions
5. Validation commands with examples
6. How to take data from excel sheets
7. Why should we use excel sheets
8. Debugging the scripts
9. How to handle Pop-up’s and alert messages

TestNG and Junit in Selenium

1.Introduction to TestNG
2. Why TestNG
3. Setting up TestNG
4. Working with TestNG
5. Advantages of TestNG over Junit
6. TestNG Annotations
7. Data Driven Testing TestNG
8. TestNG Execution Report
9. TestNG Reporting features Selenium Grid
10. Introduction Selenium Grid
11. Advantages of Selenium Grid

Advanced Selenium 3.0 – Web driver

1.Introduction to selenium 3.0
2. Advantages of web driver
3. Web Driver v/s RC
4. Architecture of Web Driver and RC
5. Installation / Configuring Eclipse for Web Driver
6. Identifying the elements in Web Driver Using Id, Name, Xpath ,Dom and CSS
7. Creating the generic scripts in Web Driver
8. Web Driver with TestNG / Junit

Automation Framework

1. What is Framework
2.Types of Frameworks
3. What is modular framework
4. What is Data Driven framework
5.What is Keyword driven framework
6. What is Hybrid framework
7. Use of Framework
8.How to develop the framework
9. Integration of the framework
10. How to execute the scripts from framework

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